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Delighted to be on the blog tour today for The Year Of Saying Yes by Hannah Doyle which is out now and available to purchase from Amazon. For my stop I’m delighted to be able to share a post as well as a smoothie recipe. Enjoy!


#SayYes to smoothies – Hannah’s Yes Smoothie recipe


It’s that time of the year you guys. You know, when you’re meant to give up on you ten-a-day mince pie habit and replace it with… kale. So many of us try and start the year with a health kick, just like the protagonist in my new novel, The Year of Saying Yes. Izzy starts the New Year on a major low after a disastrous Christmas spent lusting after an unavailable boy and chomping all the carbs. So she vows to give up sausage rolls and eat only alfalfa sprouts (wtf even are they?). Until, that is, she realizes that saying no to things really isn’t the way to kick start a year full of excitement and decides to start saying yes instead.

She should try one of my smoothie recipes. Sure, they are pretty good for you but also, OH HI THERE PUDDING FOR BREAKFAST! These little lovelies taste so delish and they are a great way of getting loads of vits into your system first thing. I tend to make one on weekday mornings to cancel out those weekend bacon butties. Especially in the New Year, when I’ve spent Christmas swimming in Baileys and demolishing an unacceptable amount of sausage rolls, just like Izzy!  


And so I thought I’d share my current favourite smoothie recipe with you. If you fancy trying something new then this babe could be right up your street.


The Yes Smoothie




1 ripe banana

Handful frozen raspberries

1 tbsp almond butter

A pinch of cinnamon

1 tsp flaxseed (but only if you have some, it’s not essential)





The night before… NO I’M KIDDING! Who can be faffed with prepping their breakfast 12 hours in advance? Not me, I’ve gone hygge crazy so I’m too busy tending to the 742 scented candles in my house.


Simply chuck everything into a blender, top with enough water to almost cover the ingredients and blend.


Pour into a glass. Enjoy!

unnamed (4)


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