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Trouble 5

Book Description:

Annabel is desperate to have a baby – there’s just one problem. She’s single, and after losing her husband in a hit and run accident she’s just not ready for a relationship. 

Dan is on the hunt for the perfect woman – but when his mother drops a bombshell, he starts to feel the pressure.

When Dan and Annabel’s worlds collide, both think that maybe they’ve found the solution to their problems…but things start to get messy.

Can both Dan and Annabel get what they want?

Both will soon find out that the trouble with words is finding the right thing to say.

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My Thoughts:

Oh My! What an absolutely wonderful novel The Trouble With Words is.

There really is nothing I can find fault with in this novel. Not that I would go into a novel looking for faults but it just ticked every box for me. I absolutely loved it. From the story line to the characters, it really is just perfect.

You are probably going to see the word, love, quite often in this review as I just loved everything about it. The characters I just loved but mainly Annabel, Dan and his mum.

Annabel my heart went out to. She is still a young woman with everything to live for but has lost her soul mate and rushes into thinking a baby is the answer to solve all her problems.

Along comes Dan who Annabel decides is a worthy sperm donor. Dan is just soooooooo lovely. If I was to have a book crush on a character it would be Dan. He is sweet, adorable and I just loved him to bits. Dan’s relationship with his mother is just the sweetest thing you will ever read. I wasn’t sure whether I should think it weird that a grown man was still living at home with his mother but do you know what who cares, as if anything for me, getting older and having two teenagers, one being a boy, it filled me full of hope that my children wouldn’t just fly the nest and forget all about me.

Dan’s mum brings so much to this story. I don’t want to go into the story line to much as the less said the better but I was filled with so many emotions and it’s just one of the stories that when I got to the end I felt a gaping void as I didn’t want to leave the characters behind. I wanted them to stay with me always.

The Trouble With Words is without a doubt one of my favourite reads of 2017, I just loved it so much. It is a bitter sweet read that had me a blubbering wreck by the end. It may be the end of the book but I know that those three characters will remain in my heart for a good while to come. If you just read one book this year, then please let it be this one.

My thanks to Bombshell Books for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Trouble With Words is available to purchase from Amazon.


Author Bio:

Suzie Tullett is an author of contemporary humorous fiction and romantic comedy. She has a Masters Degree in Television & Radio Scriptwriting and worked as a scriptwriter before becoming a full-time novelist. Her motto is to ‘live, laugh, love’ and when she’s not busy creating her own literary masterpieces, she usually has her head in someone else’s.

Suzie lives in a tiny hamlet in the middle of the French countryside, along with her husband and two Greek rescue dogs.
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