Girl Zero by A. A. Dhand @aadhand


Book Description:

There are some surprises that no-one should ever have to experience. Standing over the body of your beloved – and murdered – niece is one of them. For Detective Inspector Harry Virdee, a man perilously close to the edge, it feels like the beginning of the end.

His boss may be telling him he’s too close to work the case, but this isn’t something that Harry can just let lie. He needs to dive into the murky depths of the Bradford underworld and find the monster that lurks there who killed his flesh and blood.

But before he can, he must tell his brother, Ron, the terrible news. And there is no predicting how he will react. Impulsive, dangerous and alarmingly well connected, Ron will act first and think later. Harry may have a murderer to find but if he isn’t careful, he may also have a murder to prevent.

My Thoughts:

Girl Zero is the second book in the DI Harry Virdee series set in Bradford. There is a lot of history that you need to know about Harry and his family so would suggest reading the books in order to get full enjoyment.

When Tara, Harry’s niece is found murdered, things become very personal for Harry. Understandably he is not allowed to work the case as he is to close to the victim. Obviously we know this won’t stop Harry, he has to find out who murdered his niece and quickly.

Having a brother like Ronnie, Harry is really torn constantly with his role in the police force. His brother is someone who should be locked up with the key thrown away. Even though I wanted to feel sorry for Ronnie that he had lost his daughter, I just couldn’t. He is self obsessed and is more concerned with his power and wealth.

Harry is trying to do things by the book as much as he can even though he shouldn’t be anywhere near the case. The poor guy is constantly having to choose between his family and the job he lives for. You really can’t help but have every empathy for Harry where his family is concerned. Even though I wish he would cut all ties with them in the hope of him and his own wife and child having a less complicated family life, I could get that he wanted their approval and especially have his mother back in his life.

Girl Zero is an enthralling read that I struggled to put down. It is fast paced, gripping and full of thrills. The story line was uncomfortable to read at times due to the nature of the story line but the author handles it extremely well. If you haven’t read the books in this series yet then I highly recommend you do so now.

A gritty and compelling read that is a guaranteed page turner.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Girl Zero is available to purchase from Amazon.



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