The Last Time We Spoke by Fiona Sussman @FionaSussman #yeahnoir #NgaioMarshAwards


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Book Description:

Carla and Kevin Reid are celebrating their wedding anniversary with their son Jack. The family together, some good food, a perfect night.

On a murderous collision course with this joyous yet fragile gathering, is Ben Toroa, an unexpected and unwanted visitor.

As Carla struggles to come to terms with the aftermath of the appalling events of the night, and Ben faces the consequences in prison, their stories will be for ever entwined.

My Thoughts:

The story to start with feels like it’s the start of a crime thriller with an everyday loving family having their world ripped apart when they are victims to an horrific burglary which rips their world apart. What happens on that night was just horrible and I was absolutely devastated for them all.

From this point on though the story takes a different path, one that is very different to what you would find in a crime book. Where as that sort of genre we would be racing through the pages whilst the police catch up with the bad guys, the author shows us what it is like for Carla dealing with the aftermath of the events as well as the bad guy living with the consequences of his actions.

My heart wanted to reach out to Carla for everything she had been through and what she was still having to go through. It seemed so unfair that this had happened to her. I so admired her strength and composure though. I think it’s times like this that shows us who we really are and what we are made of. Even though she isn’t coping very well she still tries to function by doing everything she needs to do. The love she has for her husband Kevin put my heart through the wringer and it truly touched me.

Ben’s story is very much one of circumstance. I don’t think deep down he is a bad person it’s just the world he has been brought up in and mixing with the wrong people. It still doesn’t go anyway to making any of what he did that night okay but it was interesting to read of him also coming to terms with his actions.

The Last Time We Spoke is a deep and powerful story that moved me for various reasons. Due to the story line it’s one that doesn’t feel quite right saying I enjoyed it but with out a doubt it is a strong solid book that I would recommend others reading.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

The Last Time We Spoke is available to purchase from Amazon.

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