When It Rains by Brooke Harris @BrookeHarris_


Book Description:

I’m dying.
I’m not afraid. It’s my time.
I see so much of me in my granddaughter, I know she will help our family once I’m gone. I just hope she can help herself before it’s too late.

My grandmother is dying.
I’m afraid that it’s time.
She has given me a gift. A book.
The story of her past, a lesson to save my future.

Nana always said ”you don’t find true love. It finds you”.

My Thoughts:

When It Rains is a story that flicks between Holly in present day and Annie, her grandmother, in the past.

I knew from the moment I started this book it was going to be an emotional roller coaster and I certainly wasn’t wrong. Holly my heart went out to. Not only is she going through a rough time but her grandmother who she is extremely close to, is dying. I felt like one of the family going through all the emotions of trying to be strong but knowing that the inevitable was going to happen and my heart was breaking every bit as Holly’s.

I absolutely loved Annie’s chapters in the past and finding out about her family life as well as meeting the love of her life, Sketch. It reminded me a bit of Catherine Cookson’s books. Annie’s life certainly wasn’t easy living at home but the romance between Annie and Sketch totally melted my heart. I loved being taken back in time to how life was back then and I fell in love with the idea of the farmhouse where Sketch had grown up. I easily visualised it all in my head.

Through Annie and Holly’s story there is very much the meaning of family and making the most out of every tough situation life throws our way. It’s about letting people in and not shutting them out and making every minute count.

When It Rains is a bitter sweet read that takes you on an emotional journey. It will make you hug your loved ones that little bit tighter and have you saying ‘I love you’ a little more often. WARNING: If like me you are quite an emotional person, you may want to make sure you have some tissues to hand.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

When It Rains is available to purchase from Amazon.

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