Closer To Home by Heleyne Hammersley @Bloodhoundbook @hhammersley66 #BlogBlitz

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Book Description:

Family. Secrets. Murder.


Newly promoted DI Kate Fletcher has reluctantly returned to her home town after a twenty-year absence and a recent divorce. The discovery of a child’s body near the estate where Kate grew up has her rushing back to Thorpe – a place of bad memories and closed mouths.


As her team investigate the murder, they keep hitting dead ends. The community is reluctant to reopen old wounds and retell old stories. But Kate’s history refuses to stay buried.


Then another child disappears…


Can Kate solve the case and right the wrongs from her past?

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My Thoughts:

Closer To Home is the first in a brand new crime series featuring DI Kate Fletcher.

A story that involves children and death is never going to make for comfortable reading but hats off to the author as the story very much focuses on the police and the investigation itself of which doesn’t make it to uncomfortable.

Kate and her team are really up against it and you really feel the urgency for them to get answers but they don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I could very much feel their frustration and wanted the killer found as soon as possible.

This is very much a story more focused on police procedural and good old fashioned thinking. Kate has to rely on instinct and the process of elimination to catch the killer. This could easily be a crime series on television and one that I would certainly watch.

As Kate gets closer to catching the killer the pace really starts to pick up so you get that rush of adrenaline that has you on the edge of your seat in the anticipation of everything being revealed.

Closer To Home is a strong and solid start to a new crime series. It is set at the perfect pace building up to a very satisfying ending of which I for one could never have worked out. The author gives just the right amount of background for the characters so that it leaves you looking forward to getting to know them better through the course of the series. A definite read for fans who love a good crime book to sink their mind and their teeth into.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars. 

Closer To Home is available to purchase from Amazon.


Author Bio:

Heleyne Hammersley was born in South Yorkshire but has lived in Cumbria for the last twenty years where she sometimes teaches English and often walks on the fells.

She has been writing since junior school – her first work was a collection of poems called Give Them the Works when she was ten years old. The poems were carefully handwritten on plain paper and tied together with knitting wool. Since then she’s gone on to complete a number of creative writing courses with the Open University and she is a regular NaNoWriMo participant.

The idea for her first novel, Forgotten, came about while on an extended holiday in China and South-East Asia in 2001.

Heleyne’s second novel, Fracture, again features travel. Set against the backdrop of the Great Ocean Road this tense psychological thriller centres around a fatal road trip.





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