The Forgotten Family of Liverpool by Pam Howes @bookouture @PamHowes1


Book Description:

The war is over – but are their troubles just beginning?

It’s 1951 and rationing is finally coming to an end. But while Liverpool is recovering from the ferocity of war, a family is about to be torn apart…

Dora Rodgers is adjusting to a new life in Liverpool with her young daughters Carol and Jackie. After the fear of the war years and a difficult break up with her husband Joe, Dora is finally building a future with her children.

But then an unexpected knock at the door rips her family in two.

To Dora’s horror, Carol is taken away by a welfare officer to live with Joe. She is determined to fight for her child, but when a tragic accident leaves her mother in hospital, and shocking news from Joe breaks her heart again, she struggles to cope.

With her family in pieces and her marriage over for good, will Dora ever manage to get her daughter Carol home where she belongs?

The Forgotten Family of Liverpool is a brave and tear-jerking story of one woman’s quest to protect her family. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries, Annie Murray and Kitty Neale.

My Thoughts:

This is the second book in a family saga featuring Dora. I would recommend reading The Lost Daughter of Liverpool prior to reading this, not because you can’t read this as a stand alone, as the author covers enough back ground so the reader doesn’t feel they are missing out, but because it is such a wonderful book and one that should be read.

After finishing the first book in the saga, I was dying to catch back up with Dora and her family again. Poor Dora has been through so much and thought it was time that she had a bit of luck for a change. As soon as little Carol is taken off her though, I knew this was not going to be the case.

I couldn’t think of anything worse than having a child taken off me. I really felt Dora’s pain. Everyone knows what a good mum she is to the girls so to have this happen was just heart breaking.

As much as I love Joe, Dora’s estranged husband, my feeling of wanting to give him a good slap hasn’t changed from the first book. The fact he can’t see through Ivy who is hell bent on making him hers, really riled me. She is a horrible woman and my dislike for her has only grown more also.

What I love about these books are that they are very much about family, relationships and working life. Even though this is set not long after the war, the worries and issues that Dora has, are sadly very much ones that happen in today’s world. There is certainly a lot that readers will have either been through or can easily sympathise with.

The Forgotten Family of Liverpool is yet another enthralling read that I couldn’t put down. Roll on book three so I can catch up again with them all soon.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Forgotten Family of Liverpool is available to purchase from Amazon.


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