Biddy Trott by Donna Maria McCarthy @roast914_k


Book Description:

‘If Biddy knows no rest, then none shall…’

A tragedy born of malice and evil, a tortured body and soul. The townsfolk of Royal Rumney have a conscience, a secret that tears away at their sanity.

Any soul shall be offered up in place of the damned; ‘And ever the church bells tell a lie, is Biddy who comes and another will die.

Set in eighteenth century England in the small market town of Royal Rumny, Biddy Trott, is a Gothic Horror novella with tragedy at its core.

A young girl, falsely blamed for a fire which destroyed the town and killed many, is hunted down, tortured and killed gruesomely, with no conscience.

Lord Abner Alexander, a member of the elite and privileged, travels to the town in search of some peace and respite from his very bawdy and raucous lifestyle.
The town seems pleasant enough and the people welcoming, although unyielding where their dark and harrowing past is concerned.

Amongst some, shame, amongst others a distorted pride. Abner’s first indication that something evil lurks here is on his first night, where the Abbey bells toll two, and he finds himself witness to a terrifying slaying… not knowing whether it a dream or not, he remains, and becomes bewitched by a passion to record any horrors he feels he witnesses.

My Thoughts:

Biddy Trott is a novella which is a mixture of horror and gothic fairy tale. It is one made up of a myth/legend surrounding the said lady.


Abner is someone who just happens to be passing through when he gets caught up in the whole myth as well as getting friendly with Queeny. Even though a fairly short story with it being a novella you really get a feel for the characters and my favourite one had to be Queeny.


The story is set in era’s gone by. There is a very oldy worldy feel to it and it’s like been taken back in time. Sadly it’s not a time scale that I would like to go back to as would miss all the modern facilities that we have, like toilets for one!


I have to give a special mention to the legendary rhyme regarding Biddy Trott, it is brilliant and shows just how talented this author is to not only be able to write stories but to be able to write poetry/rhymes also.


Biddy Trott is a wonderful novella to lose yourself into. It is best read on a night to add to the whole eeriness of the story. Perfect for readers who love stories like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Great read!

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Biddy Trott is out on the 1st of December and available to pre order now from Amazon.

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