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Book Description:

How far would you go for the perfect family?

Every mother loves their child. Every child deserves to be loved. But Christopher grows up so lonely it hurts. Until the day he climbs into his family’s dusty attic, and finds a battered old suitcase.

Inside the suitcase is a letter. Inside the letter is a secret; a secret about his mother that changes everything.

Christopher finally has the chance of happiness. A happiness he will do anything to protect…

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My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved the authors debut novel so was very excited when I heard she had another book coming out.

Christopher I wasn’t quite sure whether I was supposed to like him or not. He is very much a loner and feels like an outsider. He certainly isn’t a typical teenager. Even though he has come from a solid family up bringing, he feels like there should be more to it.

In a way I think his prayers are answered when he stumbles across the letter that tells of his adoption. For him it’s a new start and to form the sort of relationship that he has always dreamed of with his mother.

I do have to say I really felt for Christopher’s family that had raised him from a baby. They are forgotten about in Christopher’s mind whilst he concentrates on his relationship with his new mother Phyllis.

The relationship between Christopher and Phyllis was quite heart warming but it does start to feel like they are an old married couple settling into a routine when he moves in with her and her family. It left me feeling a bit uncomfortable as it didn’t quite feel right.

It’s hard to say to much more without giving the story away. It’s hard not to have compassion for Christopher. To be loved is something that we all crave, especially by our nearest and dearest. It’s just what lengths some people will go to in making that happen.

Mother is one of those reads where you feel like something is brewing. Like waiting for a storm to appear and unleash it’s wrath on you. It certainly had me hooked and I read it in one day. I loved how it’s set around the time of the Yorkshire Ripper murders and that it is in part set in Leeds which is where I live. It really adds to the intrigue and brought it very much to life.

A dark and brooding read that had me gripped throughout.

My thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Mother is available to purchase from Amazon.

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About the author: 
After graduating from Leeds University, S E Lynes lived in London before moving to Aberdeen to be with her husband. In Aberdeen, she worked as a producer at BBC Radio Scotland before moving with her husband and two young children to Rome. There, she began to write while her children attended nursery. After the birth of her third child and upon her return to the UK, she gained an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University. She now combines writing with lecturing at Richmond Adult Community College and bringing up her three children. She lives in Teddington. Her first novel, Valentina, published by Blackbird Digital Books, came out in July 2016. Her follow up novel, Mother, is published by Bookouture.


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