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I am super excited to be able to share with you today a fabulous short story by RC Bridgestock, featuring none other than DI Dylan himself. Fans of the series do not want to miss this. I also have another one for you next week so make sure to check back!

So without further ado here it is. Enjoy!

The Mortuary 

One way or another post-mortems leave an indelible mark on the psyche.

 ‘Would you like a mint?’ Detective Inspector Jack Dylan said.

The young man shook his head. His face held a smirk. ‘Nah, I’ve got this covered thanks.’ He turned to Detective Sergeant Vicky Hardacre and with a wink of his eye he showed her a small, round metal tin and pointed to his nostrils. ‘My mate told me to put Vaseline up my nose.’

 ‘I found it makes the smell linger,’ she said, abruptly dismissing the young man, and turning to her boss.

Dylan shook his head. ‘Behave,’ he said under his breath. Vicky shrugged her shoulders, and gave a slow blink of an eye.

On entering the room it felt cold; hallucinatory bright – Dylan’s brain considered a riot of aromas fighting each other for dominance. Decomposing body = rotting chicken, Hydrogen = rotten eggs, Methanethiol = rotting cabbage. A little game he played whilst he waited…

Mortuaries were not Jack Dylan’s preferred location – especially on his day off, and it being a sunny Saturday afternoon when he’d rather be home with his wife and daughter Maisy.

Impatiently Dylan rocked back and forth on the soles of his size ten shoes, whilst popping into his mouth another extra strong mint to rid it of the metallic taste that had appeared.

He observed the young police officer standing tall, shoulders back and confidently smiling at the woman Pathologist, who hovered at the other side of the operating table. Vicky caught the officers eye and nodded towards the oscillating saw on the trolley beside her which held a chisel to help open up the skull so she could examine the brain. His smile fell from his face.

 ‘Don’t worry,’ she mouthed. ‘It’s just like taking the top of a hard boiled egg. They do it everyday.’

Dylan saw the young officer swallow hard and his face paled when the pathologist picked up the scalpel in readiness to open-up the torso.

Dylan considered his role. He believed an SIO should be at the post-mortem. The victim, and the victim’s family deserved non other than the man-in-charge to see first-hand the injuries that had been sustained, and hear the pathologists verdict on the cause of death straight from the ‘horses mouth’. This was imperative to the police investigation.

Les the technician, suited from top-to-toe in overalls; a plastic apron atop, stood at the feet of the corpse. He too had a devilish look in his eye. Dylan and Vicky took a quick step back for they knew what was coming. With a sponge in one hand and a hosepipe in the other Les hosed the blood and dirt from the cadavers loosened skin. The spray reached as far as the counters that held the weighing scales for the dead man’s organs. He worked emphatically on the corpes’s face when suddenly there was a collective intake of breath, as a glass eye popped out of the dead man’s eye socket, at which point the young officer ran for the door.

As if in slow motion the marble like object flew up into the air. Les’s eyes

followed ‘the ball’ and effortlessly it seemed, his hand reached out to catch it before it hit the floor. He rubbed the converted object on his chest, as if a cricket ball to shine, turned, and strode to the jars on the shelf marked Green glass eyes.

Vicky turned and lifted her an eyebrow. ‘I knew he’d run for the hills. Shall I go see if he’s okay?’  

Hope you enjoyed it is as much as I did. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading the DI Dylan series you can find out more about the authors as well as links to how you can keep up to date with any news as well as finding out more about their books.


Author Bio:

The D.I. Dylan series of books by RC Bridgestock (Husband and wife writing team, Bob and Carol Bridgestock) comes from a unique perspective of a collective real life experience of high level policing of 47 years. As a career detective Bob Bridgestock worked in the CID at every rank. For over half of his service he was a senior detective, retiring at the rank of Detective Superintendent of the West Yorkshire Police force.

As a Senior Investigative Officer (SIO) in charge of homicide cases he took command of some twenty-six murder investigations, twenty-three major incidents including shootings and attempted murders and over fifty suspicious deaths and numerous sexual assaults, some of which were extremely high profile in his last three years alone.

Bob brings this unique insight and experience from how real life cases are conducted into page turning gripping fiction, aided by his wife Carol, who has 17 years working within the force. Carol brings her understanding and the experience of a partner of a frontline detective to the D.I. Dylan series. This combination adds authenticity rarely seen in British crime fiction, coupled with warmth, humour and humanity.

The books offer an insight into the real world of British policing mixed with cunning plots and human relationships. This adds a dimension to police procedural fiction which is truly genuine in voice and substance.

Caffeine Nights Publishing is proud to be associated with this series of books which grip and touch the human heart as well as engage the mind.

The couple are consultant storyline/police procedure for Sally Waintwright on 2014 police drama series for BBC 1 Happy Valley and are also consultant storyline advisors/police procedural to Red Productions Ltd for ITV 1 Scott & Bailey & general police advice.


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