Long Shot by Jack Steele @JackSteele1961

To celebrate Long Shot being available in paperback and also the first book in the series, Loose Cannon, being FREE to download, I am re sharing my review of Long Shot. This series is a great read for lovers of crime thrillers.

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Long Shot Book Description:

Detective Joe Stone and his team investigate a major terrorist attack on one of London’s most iconic buildings. They soon draw up a list of suspects who are highly respected members of the community and government. When most of his team is attacked, it soon develops into a war of nerves and a race against time before a deadly weapon is unleashed with horrific consequences.

My Thoughts:

Long Shot is the second book in the Detective Joe Stone series. Having not read the first book I would highly recommend reading Loose Cannon, the first book in the series first. This is due to feeling like I was kind of missing out on what had happened in the first book, especially the story line surrounding Gemma as it follows on into the second novel. The author does his best to try and give snippets but there just wasn’t quite enough back ground for my personal liking.

The chapters are relatively short in the book which makes it feel a much faster read. The story line it self is quick moving with lots going off so certainly gets the adrenaline coursing through you.

I think the story line to do with the terrorist attack is extremely current in today’s world. I wish it wasn’t but sadly it is. The author very much brings to life the terror and fear surrounding these incidents and the need for the police to deal with it and try and wipe it out.

Stella had to be my favourite character. I have to say I love a strong minded female. She is feisty and not afraid to take risks. She was definitely one of a few stand out characters in the novel that appealed to me.

Whilst an enjoyable read, I do wish I had read the previous novel before reading this one. Saying that though I will go back and read the first one as it certainly had me intrigued.

Long Shot will certainly appeal to fans of fast paced, action packed thrillers. The short chapters will send you full throttle through the book and hurtling to the end. Definitely a series and an author to keep your eye out for.

My thanks to the author for an advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own and biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Long Shot is available to purchase from Amazon.

Loose Cannon is also available to purchase from Amazon.

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