The Camera Lies by AB Morgan #CoverReveal @Bloodhoundbook @AliMorgan2304

I am super excited to share with you today the fabulous cover for AB Morgan’s new novel, The Camera Lies. It looks AMAZING!!!! Before I reveal the cover though, just to get you even more intrigued, here’s what you can look forward to from the story.

The Camera Lies blurb:

Konrad Neale is a television presenter. His waning career has been given a new lease of life since he took on a series of hard-hitting documentaries that investigate miscarriages of justice.


Matthew Hawley has been convicted of the brutal murder of his wealthy attractive wife Helena. However, he has no memory of the events and insists he is not responsible for willingly killing her. 


When Konrad interviews Matthew in prison, he explores the details of the murder and the possible motives behind it. But all is not as it seems.


Did Matthew murder his wife? 


Soon the search is on to identify who else might be involved in the murder of Helena and Konrad is about to learn that sometimes the camera lies.


Now doesn’t that sound great? The Camera Lies will be published by Bloodhound Books on the 3rd of February, so a month today! So not long until we can get our hands on it and read it for ourselves.
So, without further ado. Here it is. The big reveal! TA DAH!



Now how fabulous is that cover? Makes you want to delve straight in. Below you can find out a bit about the author and don’t forget to watch out for the blog blitz that will be happening also.


Author Bio:

Alison Morgan started writing a couple of years ago to address that niggling question: could she write a book? The answer was a simple yes. She’s had to retire from the NHS a little earlier than planned, but has discovered a new passion. Writing. Her debut novel, A Justifiable Madness, was published by Bloodhound Books in September 2017 attracting great reviews for its refreshing premise and dark humour. With two further novels being published at the beginning of 2018, it seems Alison has a promising future as an author. Divine Poison is the second novel to feature Monica Morris, a mental health nurse, as the main protagonist in this crime mystery, but there are no plans for a series. Alison’s third suspense novel, The Camera Lies, steps away from the field of nursing and into the world of real crime documentary films.

Alison lives with her husband Andy and their dog Sadie, in a small village north of Bedford. She’s not the type to let life get in the way of adventure and so, always up for the next challenge, she decided to have a proper midlife crisis and learn to ride a motorbike. In August she passed, first time. Her husband was impressed until she swung her leg over his prized Triumph and roared off with a big grin on her face. ‘Research for the next book,’ she cried. The fourth book is under construction and does indeed feature motorbikes.


Alison Morgan: writes under the name AB Morgan


Facebook  @ABMorganwriter

Twitter       @AliMorgan2304

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