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Book Description:


‘Brother, a dead body can’t run from a coffin, but their spirit sure as hell can try.’

1967, Bristol. Life is tough for JT Ellington, ex-cop and reluctant private eye. He’s still trading in favours, helping those scared of the police or trying to stay one step ahead of the law.

But when news arrives of a tragedy that’s unfolded thousands of miles away, JT’s life gets even tougher. He needs to journey home to Barbados to pay his final respects – but first he must travel to New York, where his cousin Vic is boss of a criminal empire.

On Harlem’s mean streets, JT is fast entangled with Evangeline – a smooth as velvet Black Panther – along with Pigfoot, a Bajan too flash with his knife. As the underworld draws him in, JT discovers the extent of Vic’s criminal activities – a web of violence that stretches to Barbados and back, and connects him to the deaths of JT’s beloved wife and daughter.

Embroiled in a world of drugs, corruption, voodoo and the legacy of slavery, can JT escape the demons of his past as he returns to the island of his birth?

My Thoughts:

Restless Coffins is the third book in what was a trilogy featuring J.T. Ellington. I am delighted to read at the end of the book that the author has decided to write another book in the series. Brilliant news for fans of the series as I know I for one wasn’t ready to say goodbye to JT yet.

I have developed somewhat of a soft spot for JT over this series. What he has been through personally, certainly has you routing for him and wanting for something good to come along. Sadly life seems to deal him a different hand from the one we want for him.

Poor JT is dealt another devastating blow that has him traveling miles away from Bristol. I have to say I loved the locations that the author takes us to in this novel. I was literally transported around the world and easily visualised the places that he took me to. The dialect that some of the characters talk in had me hearing voices in my head and it really brought the whole story to life.

There really is so much to love about this book. There is plenty to thrill the reader as JT certainly finds himself in some dangerous predicaments that could cost him his life. There is also quite a tug on emotions as JT’s journey takes him on a very personal one and fighting a lot of inner demons. I was very moved at one part of the book that just made me love JT just that little bit more.

Restless Coffins for me is the authors best book yet. Set in the sixties, the author very much brings to life what it was like back then and does it in a way that will appeal to readers that are born years later as well as people who remember the era well. A gripping and emotive read.

My thanks to Black & White Publishing for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Restless Coffins is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link)

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