In Her Footsteps by Ruth Harrow


Book Description:

One night changes her life forever… But the past won’t let her go…

Harriet is trapped in an unhappy marriage to her abusive husband, Dan. She dreams of a life where she does not have to live in constant fear. One night, she finally summons the courage and makes the life-changing decision to leave him behind for good. She leaves with only a suitcase and a closely-guarded box she is terrified of anyone discovering…

Eighteen-months on, Harriet has her freedom. Or does she? She is living her lifelong dream of running a successful art gallery. She should be happy, but things are not what they appear. Her perfect world is plagued by crippling anxiety and disturbing nightmares. Dark secrets from her past threaten to tear her new world apart.

Why is she so terrified of her own family finding her? Can she ever truly escape the past?

Soon, Harriet will learn that running from her worst fears is a dangerous mistake and one that will have deadly consequences.

My Thoughts:

The story starts off with Harriet and how her life is with Dan. Dan is a control freak when it comes to Harriet and she lives in constant fear of making sure that she does everything just right as she can’t bear to think about what punishment he will dish out if she doesn’t. There is no wonder she wants to get away from someone so abusive and I was willing her to get out as soon as she could.

The only problem with leaving your past behind, you never really can. Harriet is happy and settled in her new life but there is that constant fear that her past will catch back up with her. Her paranoia starts to affect her new life in lots of ways and sadly they arn’t for the better.

There is a build up of suspense and tension right from the off with this story. It’s hard for me to say too much as I don’t want to give any of the plot away and ruin any surprises for new readers. There is definitely without a doubt an unexpected twist that I would never have guessed though I have to say there were some things that puzzled me prior to it that suddenly made sense.

In Her Footsteps had me hooked from start to finish. Perfect read for lovers of psychological thrillers.

Goodreads 4/5 stars.

In Her Footsteps is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link)


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