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Book Description:

DI Gravel and his daughter Emily are oblivious to the terrible danger she is in when she accepts a job working for the solicitor Charles Turner.


Meanwhile Gravel is on the hunt for a serial killer. And when Emily becomes the killer’s latest obsession, the murderer will stop at nothing to make his grotesque fantasies reality.


But as further bodies are discovered, the killer seeks to befriend DI Gravel and misdirect his investigation.


How can you catch a killer who is hiding in plain sight? Can DI Gravel and Emily come away from this case with both their lives in tact?


Sometimes evil wears a suit…


My Thoughts:

I have read all of this authors books and he never fails to create a horrible and extremely unlikeable character in them. In fact White Is The Coldest Colour, has one of my most hated characters ever in it! The serial killer in A Cold Cold Heart certainly gives him a run for his money in this book though.

If you have read some of the authors books you may recognise DI Gravel. Don’t worry though as this book is a total stand alone and you don’t have to have read any others before this one. I would love the author to start or turn the books into a crime series though as DI Gravel is a great character and he is one I would happily read more books with him in.

The case that DI Gravel finds himself working on is an horrific one. As the victims are all young females, he fears for the safety of his daughter, and him and his team are very much racing to catch the killer.

This is one of those stories where the reader knows very early on who the serial killer is. It makes it even more frustrating as at times I wanted to scream out who it was so that the police could grab them before they took anyone else’s life. It was certainly some gripping stuff though seeing the police close in on them.

A Cold Cold Heart is a book that will definitely have you feeling like someone has walked over your grave. It is dark, gripping and totally had me on the edge of my seat. Another great read by an author who is vast becoming one of my go to authors whose books I will always turn to when I want a book that will have me hooked throughout as he hasn’t let me down once.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

A Cold Cold Heart is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link)


Author bio:
John Nicholl, an ex-police officer, child protection social worker and lecturer, writes popular dark psychological suspense thrillers, each of which has been an Amazon international bestseller, reaching # 1 in multiple categories in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, Canada and the USA. John is happily married, lives in rural west Wales, and has three adult children and one grandchild. He began writing after leaving his job heading up child protection services for Carmarthenshire.  A Cold Cold Heart, John’s sixth book, is published by Bloodhound Books in January 2018. John is represented by Toby Mundy – Literary agent at TMA. 
Author website




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