The Office Christmas Party by Aimee Duffy @HarperImpulse


Book Description:

Natalie Taylor and Dean Fletcher are serial Christmas party crashers. But when they start crashing the same parties…the mittens come off and the sparks fly!

As much as she loves Christmas, after her mother’s death, events planner Nat can’t face the jolly season anymore. So to get her festive hit she crashes everyone else’s party. It’s a sweet gig, until she meets her competition, tech empire millionaire, Dean, under the mistletoe…!

When it comes to relationships, Dean doesn’t do serious—being left at the altar will do that to a guy. So when he meets feisty Nat, the first woman in ten years to pique his interest, he’s tempted to break his one-night rule…just for the holidays!

Nat and Dean might get more than they bargained for in their stockings this Christmas!

My Thoughts:

What an absolutely fabulous book this is!

I loved the storyline of people gate crashing parties. I mean how cool would that be to get in somewhere that nobody knows you and have fun? You would have thought as an events organiser it would be the last place that Natalie would want to find herself but as she only organises them but never gets to see the end product, thanks to her horrible boss, I could totally get why she would want to crash them. Dean however, I was very intrigued to know what his story was.

Dead, Dean, Dean. I don’t know who fell harder for him, Natalie or me. I could feel my legs going weak quite often through out the story and was willing for him to leap from the pages. Sorry Natalie!

Even though essentially the story is based around the festive period, Christmas is very much in the background so can easily be read and enjoyed at any time of the year. This is very much a romance story with two people coming to terms with their past and moving on.

The Office Christmas Party is a mesmerising and wonderful read that melted my heart. The perfect book to get lost into for an entertaining and highly enjoyable read.

My thanks to Harper Impulse for a copy of this book which I won in a giveaway. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads 5/5 stars.

The Office Christmas Party is available to purchase from Amazon(Please note that link used is an affiliate link)

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