The Scent Of Guilt by Tony J. Forder @Bloodhoundbook @TonyJForder #BlogBlitz


Book Description:

Twelve years after he left Peterborough under a cloud, DI Bliss returns to the city and the major crimes team. Having spent years policing organised crime, Bliss is plunged straight into the heart of a serial murder investigation. 

Meanwhile, Penny Chandler has been promoted to DS and has been working in

London on the Met’s sexual crimes team. But when two rapes are reported on her old patch in Peterborough, Chandler volunteers to interview the victims. 

Chandler joins the hunt for the attacker and soon notices a possible link between the rapes and Bliss’s murder investigation.  Could the same man be responsible?

Just as both cases seem to stall, a call comes in from an ex-policeman who knows of unsolved cases in the USA with a similar MO. Bliss finds himself travelling to California to hunt for a killer whose reach may have stretched further than anyone could possibly imagine.

But in order to catch the murderer, Bliss must discover the killer’s motive. A motive which should have remained buried in the past…


My Thoughts:

The Scent of Guilt is the second book in the DI Bliss series. As the book is set twelve years after the first book, Bad to the Bone, you don’t need to have read the first book to enjoy this one. As it’s a good book though you will probably want to go back and read it and see how it all starts.

Whilst I enjoyed Bad to the Bone, I have to say The Scent of Guilt just blew me away. Bad to the Bone was the authors debut novel and he has written a few books since then and for me, with The Scent of Guilt, you can really see how much the author has grown as a writer. The story just flows perfectly and his talent just oozes through the pages. It was brilliant and seemed so effortless which made it even more enjoyable.

Bliss I was slightly unsure of in the first book as there were parts of him that I couldn’t relate to but with time, and like a good wine, he has certainly improved with age. The working chemistry between him and Chandler is just mesmerising and I couldn’t tear myself away from the pages.

A crime involving rape is never going to be something that is easy to read. I really have to applaud the author with his writing skills in getting the victims feelings across to the reader. I’m not sure what research he may have done but he totally nailed it for me and parts made for some really emotional reading.

The Scent of Guilt is very much a game of cat and mouse with some shocking twists and turns. The author has raised the bar very high with this book and I literally can not wait to see what he has in store for us next.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Scent of Guilt is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link)


Author Bio:

Tony J Forder is the author of the critically acclaimed crime thriller Bad to the Bone, the first in a series featuring DI Jimmy Bliss and DC Penny Chandler. The sequel, The Scent of Guilt, is available from 17 February 2018. A third book in the series is currently in progress.

Tony’s dark, psychological crime thriller, Degrees of Darkness, featuring ex-detective Frank Rogers, was also published by Bloodhound Books. This was intended to be a stand-alone novel, but Tony is now considering the possibility of a follow-up.

One book that will definitely see a sequel is Scream Blue Murder. This was published in November 2017, and received praise from many, including fellow authors Mason Cross and Matt Hilton.

Some years ago, Tony won a short story competition judged by an editor from Pan Books. The story, Gino’s Bar and Grille, went on to be published in Dark Voices 2, part of the celebrated Pan Book of Horror series. Three further short story sales followed: Book End, published in Dark Voices 4, Character Role, in FEAR magazine, and finally A Grim Story, which featured in A Rattler’s Tale. It was the start of Tony’s publishing journey.


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