The Cafe At Seashell Cove by Karen Clarke @bookouture @karenclarke123


Book Description:

Welcome to the Café at Seashell Cove, where you’ll find irresistible home-baked cakes, smiling friendly faces – and maybe even a second chance at love…

When Cassie Maitland needs a holiday from her glamorous but stressful job in event management, she escapes home to gorgeous Seashell Cove, where her family’s cosy café sits perched on the cliffs above sparkling waves and golden sand.

But a lot has changed while Cassie’s been away: her parents have transformed their tired café into a welcoming haven, her friends Meg and Tilly have whole new lives, and old flame Danny’s twinkling eyes and winning smile make Cassie feel even more flustered than they used to.

Keen to throw herself back into local life, Cassie starts to run themed events – including a not entirelysuccessful cat-café day, complete with dozens of felines. Luckily Danny is always around to lend a helping hand, and Cassie soon begins to wonder if her life in London was really all she made it out to be…

Could a new start in Seashell Cove be exactly what Cassie needs?

A heart-warming and hilarious read about friendship, belonging and seaside living. Perfect for fans of Debbie Johnson, Holly Martin and Jenny Oliver.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoy this authors books. Having been dealt with a personal loss recently, I didn’t fancy my usual crime reads as wanted something light hearted that would cheer me up. Well The Cafe at Seashell Cove certainly did just that.

Cassie’s family are just wonderful. Her nan is a bit of an eccentric but so full of life. Her mum and dad are your typical loving parents who certainly arn’t lacking anything in their own relationship. Like Cassie, I could feel myself getting slightly embarrassed at some cringe worthy scenes but they are truly hilarious. You really need to read it for yourselves. Her brother and Cassie are probably the only really sane ones and I loved the brother, sister bond that they share.

The cafe in itself is a wonderful setting. The atmosphere was comforting and inviting and I loved the different events that Cassie organises as they make for very entertaining reading.

There is so much to enjoy in this book. It really was the perfect tonic that drew me right into the story whilst managing to forget the outside world for a while. An uplifting and entertaining read that I didn’t want to end. Fabulous!

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Cafe At Seashell Cove is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link)

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