Abel’s Revenge by Ross Greenwood @greenwoodross


Book Description:

This is a story about a city. As with all others, it’s a place of violence. There are murderers, and they live among us.

This is also a tale about a couple — sometimes friends, occasionally lovers, but always partners. Dan and Olivia are fighting modern battles; the ones parents have over a lack of money, time or peace.

An escalating serial killer terrifies the streets and homes. The body count rises as their relationship crumbles. Society reveals its dark side, and no one is safe. Dan and Olivia experience this first-hand as danger closes in.

Will Abel’s reign of terror ever end?

Who will live, and who will die?

My Thoughts:

Abel’s Revenge is unlike any other crime thriller I have read. It’s a book that you need to have read to fully understand. It starts off flicking between numerous characters until it settles down mainly between Dan and his wife Olivia. The crime aspect is very much in the back ground and the story centres on Dan and Olivia’s relationship.

At times I did forget that there was even a killer on the loose as I was wrapped up in what was going on between Olivia and Dan. I kind of had empathy for both as I could easily see both sides of the situation they found themselves in. While the readers get wrapped up in their lives, we keep getting fed snippets of Abel and the atrocities he is committing.

I really wasn’t sure how Abel fitted into this story. You get a sense of what it is like when a killer is on the loose in the area and not only are Olivia and Dan trying to make sense of their own lives, they are being careful when out and about in the hope that they don’t come into contact with a killer. When we come to the conclusion, everything soon becomes crystal clear and you get one of those OH moments. You know the one, where you need to pick your jaw back up off the floor.

Abel’s Revenge is a very different take on a serial killer thriller. It is a dark and suspenseful read that will have you guessing right up until the end. Overall an engrossing and entertaining read.

Abel’s Revenge is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link.)


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