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Book Description:

A childhood in the care system, a boarding school in the remote countryside, a boy forgotten and abused.

This is the true story of how I, as a small boy, went from my neglectful, volatile parents, to controlling, uncaring foster carers and to a boarding school rife with sexual abuse, perpetrated by the adults there.

Experience the court trial, the fear of having to face my abuser, my fight to be believed and the final outcome.

This is a story of hope, of strength and of justice. This is a story that, sadly, too many children experience.

This is a story that should never have to be told by anyone again.

25% of ALL Sales will be donated to Survivors UK. https://www.survivorsuk.org/

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My Thoughts:

Books to do with abuse certainly are not the easiest of books to read, or review for that matter. I have to take my hat off to any survivors that choose to speak out about their own experiences. It is something that is very personal and raw to that individual and to relive it whilst telling their story must be an incredibly hard thing to do.

Sid starts off with what his life was like at home with his mum, dad and sister. His parents were to busy dealing with their own demons to provide a loving family home for him and his sister which results in the children being put into the care system. It was sad to see Sid being split up from his sister and I have to say it really makes me question why some people become foster carers. I know there is some decent money in doing it but none of the homes he goes to really provides him with much more warmth than he got from with his real family.

The story then goes on to tell of his time in the boarding school as well as present day where he has to face his abuser in court. The time at the boarding school was without a doubt hard to read. Sid does not sugar coat what things he had to endure. It is raw, emotional and painful to read. I was full of anger that any human being in an adult capacity could subject a child to any sort of abuse. It is sick and so very wrong and no amount of time in prison can make up for the damage they have done to that child.

Without Consent is a harrowing read of one mans story of abuse. It is a relatively quick read but one that doesn’t make for an easy reading experience. There is a chapter at the end which is set in 1991 that felt like it had been put there as an after thought and think it would have worked better further into the story as there is only a brief description of how the author coped in the early days after the abuse had stopped. Other than that this is a story of survival and meeting your demons head on. It also lets other victims know they are not on their own. A big thank you to the author for sharing his story.

My thanks to Anne Cater for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Without Consent is available to purchase from Amazon.

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Sid Spencer has been a father since 2010 when, with his husband, they fostered an adopted their two children.

Sid soon realised that in order to help his two children to heal, he needed to help the boy that we was to heal as well.

Sid leaves in West Sussex where he writes, paints and if the dad at home.

Twitter @mr_sidspencer

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