Déjà vu by Emma Clappeton @EmmaLClapperton


Book Description:


Celia was found brutally murdered in a railway underpass. No one was ever charged with her murder, it was like the killer disappeared into thin air. But Celia knew her killer and after she died, she fought for her soul to re-enter her body, to carry on with life. But the force is too strong for her and her soul is case aside.
Celia did not want anyone to forget what happened to her.


Alice has suffered from anxiety as far back as she can remember. With certain music causing unexpected emotional outbursts and recurring nightmares, she can’t take much more.
But when she gets the job she applies for, the future seems brighter. Soon after her first shift at the office, the recurring dreams intensify, become more detailed. They feel real.
And that’s when déjà vu sets in.
Alice begins to wonder if these spells déjà vu, are actually memories…

My Thoughts:

Ooh what a lovely dark and brooding read!

I was instantly drawn in from the off. It was obvious the author was going to take me on a dark and twisted journey and I wasn’t wrong. It was almost like waiting for a car crash to happen. When you just know something bad is going to happen but you just don’t know when.

Overall it took me less than half an hour to read of which I was totally absorbed for every minute of it. The build up of tension was brilliant which made the climax when it came even more potent.

Déjà vu is the perfect book for when you are wanting a deliciously dark read that you can get stuck right into. Dark, disturbing and thrilling. I absolutely loved it.

Déjà vu is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link.)


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