The Wronged by Kimberley Chambers @kimbochambers @HarperCollinsUK


Book Description:

With family like this, who needs enemies…

There are some families that welcome newcomers with open arms, then there are the Butlers. An East End family no good girl wants to marry into…

Jo fell for Vinny Butler’s good looks, but she’s stood at one graveside too many and now she’s buried her heart as well.

Michael Butler was always the nice one, until he started running the family business. Nancy is desperate to leave, and though she would never turn her back on her children, every step they take in their father’s footsteps destroys her a little more.

As the old saying goes – you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer…

But you keep your family right where you can see them.

Book three in the Butler family saga. Read the whole series in order: 1. The Trap 2. Payback 3. The Wronged 4. Tainted Love

My Thoughts:

The Wronged is the third book in The Butler series. I would highly recommend reading the books in order as there are things you would need to know about the characters pasts and boy what pasts they are!

This is a family that you will love and hate at the same time. My emotions and feelings for some of the characters were constantly changing. Sometimes I liked them or even worried about them, then they would do something of which I didn’t agree with and I started to resent them.

The older generation of the family really lighten up this otherwise dark and compelling read. So many times I found myself chuckling away at something they would come out with or even their antics. The younger generation, well they broke my heart. Literally. I don’t think anyone is born bad but it certainly doesn’t help having the fathers that they do.

As always the author never fails to put me through the wringer with her story telling. One part I couldn’t read from the floodgates that had opened in my eyes. There definitely isn’t any fairy tale endings in these books but then that’s usually real life for you.

The Wronged is another emotional and hard hitting read. It really is like your favourite television soap apart from instead of watching it, you are reading about it. This is one family, that whilst you will thank god for not knowing or living near them, they will steal a piece of your heart.

The Wronged is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).


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