Why Mummy Drinks by Gill Sims @HarperCollinsUK


Book Description:

Why Mummy Drinks is the brilliant novel from Gill Sims, the author of the online sensation Peter and Jane.

It is Mummy’s 39th birthday. She is staring down the barrel of a future of people asking if she wants to come to their advanced yoga classes, and polite book clubs where everyone claims to be tiddly after a glass of Pinot Grigio and says things like ‘Oooh gosh, are you having another glass?’

But Mummy does not want to go quietly into that good night of women with sensible haircuts who ‘live for their children’ and stand in the playground trying to trump each other with their offspring’s extracurricular activities and achievements, and boasting about their latest holidays.

Instead, she clutches a large glass of wine, muttering ‘FML’ over and over again. Until she remembers the gem of an idea she’s had…

My Thoughts:

Ellen really could be anyone of us. She’s heading towards a big milestone in her life and she is doing her best to try and be the perfect mother and wife. Well as we only to well know, life is never that easy and even though we may fancy ourselves as being a bit of a Mary Poppins, sadly that is probably more just wishful thinking!

This book will make you so glad you’ve read it and make you realise that your own family life is very much a normal one. People may portray a totally different image at the school gate, but what goes on behind closed doors is more than likely very similar to your own. None of us are perfect and we all have good intentions but we do the best with what we have. Through Ellen she reminds of us this but brings a lot of humour into it also.

Even though Ellen at times could be very selfish, I loved her character overall. When she needs to step up to the mark she does and she had me routing for her a long the way. From issues with extended family to the everyday issues you would have at home, this book really does have it all and really makes for a highly enjoyable read.

Why Mummy Drinks is an absolute must read that will brighten up your day. It reminded me very much of Bridget Jones and what her diary would be like when married with children. If anything it should be every women’s bible!

Why Mummy Drinks is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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