Best Eaten Cold by Tony Slater


Book Description:

Imagine that someone wants to do you harm. Someone you once knew, but have almost forgotten. Now, imagine that they are clever, patient and will not stop.

They’ll get inside your head and make you doubt yourself. They’ll make you question who you are, and ensure that everyone you care for starts to doubt you too.

Each perfectly-orchestrated doubt will slowly, steadily, build to a crescendo and destroy you.

This is real and it could be happening to you.


Best Eaten Cold is a chilling reminder of how quickly – and how blindly – we have learnt to trust in the online world, despite the somewhat ironic fact that none of us really understand it at all.

Fabiola lives an idyllic life in Oxford – beautiful house, adoring husband, happy healthy baby.

She thinks she’s left her past behind her. But in a world of smartphones and social media, it’s not so easy to wipe the slate clean.


Best Eaten Cold is a terrifying psychological thriller of technological trickery and the depths of human vindictiveness.

It is a nail-biting story that could happen to any one of us in this digital age.

My Thoughts:

Fabiola has it all, a loving husband, a beautiful baby and a loving stable home. Life couldn’t be much more perfect until things start to happen which have her doubting herself.

This is one of those stories where I didn’t quite know what to believe. Was Fabiola losing her mind or is there someone playing with her. Don’t worry things do become clear with some shocking consequences.

It’s hard to say too much about the story itself as I fear it may give away parts for readers that haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading it. It does take some unexpected turns as I wasn’t prepared for the story to take the direction it went in. This is one you need to read for yourself to see what I mean. If anything it made it more exciting as I had no clue as to what the out come was going to be.

Best Eaten Cold is a dark and tense read that kept me turning those pages. It has lots of likeable characters and some definitely not so likeable and I enjoyed the journey the author took me on. First book I have read by this author and will certainly be checking his others out. Packed full of suspense and intrigue, this really is an ideal read for fans of psychological thrillers.

Best Eaten Cold is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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