Born Evil by Julia Derek #BookReview


Book Description:

One night when Jennifer Hanson returns home, she catches her 12-year-old son Shane stabbing their cat to death. Thankfully, he doesn’t see her. Having long known Shane has a brain with psychopathic tendencies, her worst fears may be confirmed. Ever since he accidentally shot his father to death at age six, she has done everything she can to ensure Shane doesn’t become a full-blown psychopath. He has behaved normally up until now. Have her efforts been in vain? She can tell he’s changing, becoming increasingly dangerous, but she can’t stomach putting him in a psych ward. But then she finds pics of a dead girl in his phone, a girl everyone thought had died accidentally…

My Thoughts:

Born Evil is the first book in a trilogy featuring Jennifer and her son Shane. There are plenty of things as a parent that would be our worst nightmare and your son being a psychopath has got to be way up there. How do you deal with it? It’s one of those scenarios that until it happens to you I really couldn’t hazard a guess.

A mother’s instinct is to protect her child at all costs of which is what Jennifer finds herself doing. She is living life on edge, not knowing what her young son is capable off. Shane on the outside is like any other kid. With it just being him and his mum, you can see that he is close to Jennifer which makes what Jennifer knows even harder to live with.

It’s hard to say to much more without giving any spoilers away. What I will say is that the story took an unexpected turn and had me hooked through out.

Born Evil is a definite page turner of a read with some shocks and surprises along the way. A dark and disturbing read of which fans of this genre will no doubt enjoy.

Born Evil is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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