Summer At Coastguard Cottages by Jennifer Bohnet


Book Description:

A summer of secrets!

Karen is escaping to her little cottage on the Devonshire coast this summer – it’s the perfect way to forget about her ex-husband. So she’s surprised to find love again when she least expected it!

Bruce is learning to live again after the death of his beloved wife. She loved their cottage by the sea but Bruce is torn by the bitter sweet memories – should he sell up and stay in the city?

Carrie is at a crossroads in her life after inheriting a fortune from the father she never met. Now she must make a life-changing decision that will affect her new friends, too…

Could eight weeks at Coastguard Cottages change all of their lives – forever?

My Thoughts:

The story has a great setting so even if you arn’t lucky enough to be jet setting somewhere sunny this summer, you can be transported to the idyllic Devonshire Coast whilst you read about the characters lives.

The book focuses on three main characters of which the chapters alternate so we get to find out more about each one and their lives at Coastguard Cottages. All three characters each have things they need to deal with in their lives and it was a bit like watching your favourite soap seeing how everything was going to unfold.

There is a bit of something in here for everyone that enjoys this genre of book. It’s an easy read with nice characters that the readers will be interested in. It did take me a while for the story to grab hold with the swapping to the different the characters but overall was a good read and a good book to pack on your hols or enjoy in the comfort of your back garden in the warmth of the sun.

Summer At Coastguard Cottages is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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