The Boy Who Wasn’t There by Emma Clapperton @EmmaLClapperton


Book Description:


Rita Michaels had it all, a loving husband and two beautiful children… but that one night changed everything. With her life spiralling out of control, her husband takes her children away from her.

And that’s when she snaps!


Present Day

Patrick and Jodie’s son, Lewis, enjoys playing with his new best friend, Tommy. There’s just one problem. Tommy isn’t really there.

Lewis becomes embroiled in a family’s dark past and Patrick has to step in to protect his son.

But will he be able to help Lewis escape the dark corners of his psychic ability before it’s too late, or will Lewis become locked in the past forever?


My Thoughts:

If you arn’t already a fan of this authors books featuring Patrick McLaughlin then this will be a great introduction to just what you are missing out on.

For a short story this was such a sombre read. The stork flicks between past and, what I assume to be, present in 1992. The past we get to see Rita who is a mother and an alcoholic. Through Rita we get to see how drink can rip a family apart.

Being a fan of this authors books already, I really enjoyed seeing how Patrick and Jodie are coping with being parents, especially when your child has parents that have super natural gifts. You can’t beat a bit of super natural and I love how it all ties in nicely and makes for some gripping reading.

The Boy Who Wasn’t There is an intriguing and emotive read that I read in one sitting. It certainly made for some tense reading and had me engrossed through out. A perfect super natural fix for fans of this genre.

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

The Boy Who Wasn’t There is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link)

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Author Bio:

Emma Clapperton, born December 1985, has always had a passion for reading and writing. She particularly enjoys reading supernatural or horror books. James Herbert is a firm favourite, with The Ghosts of Sleath being one of the books which pushed her to go on to create her own supernatural crime series, featuring Patrick McLaughlin. The books are based in Glasgow and there are plenty of references to the city in her work.

Emma studied childcare and gained qualifications to work with the early years in 2002, later going on to work in the Montessori sector of early years. In 2017 she gained a qualification to work as a Forest School early years leader and can often be found teaching three and four year olds how to cook on an open fire. Alongside this she is also studying for a diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Practice.

She currently resides in a little town outside of the city of Glasgow with her husband and ginger cat and is working on future projects.

You can contact Emma via:

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