Baked With Love (Lily McDermott Series Book 2) by Izzy Bayliss @izzybayliss


Book Description:

Lily McDermott is back!
The hotly awaited sequel to The Girl I Was Before

Everything is going great for Lily. She and Sam are more in love than ever and she is about to open her very own bakery but she soon discovers that no matter how much time you spend perfecting delicate pastries, running your own business isn’t always easy. When Sam announces he has to move to New York for work, Lily is miserable but when he surprises her with a proposal life is perfect, right?
But Lily finds it hard to let go of old hurts and when Sam eventually loses patience, Lily is left devastated.
Can Lily finally learn to leave the past in the past or will she let it ruin the future for her?

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed The Girl I Was Before, which is the previous book to this one, so was dying to read this one and it was worth the wait.

It was great to be back with Lily and her friends and family again. Things arn’t quite as rosy as we last left them though and I wondered what was going to be in store for them this time.

The story is very much about relationships. Not just with a partner but friendship as well as sisterly love. If anything the bits to do with Lily’s sister really had me chuckling. She is someone who would really get my back up in real life but she really does bring some humour into the story.

I love Frankie and she’s like a best friend and sister all rolled into one. At times in this book she was a bit like Lily’s mum also, trying to knock some common sense into her. It was great to see much more of their relationship and just how much they will do for each other.

I think this story shows us that relationships are not all plain sailing and explores what comes after the happy endings that we see so many of. There is also lots of mentions of cakes and baking which really isn’t good on the waist line as I was straight off to buy a variety of cakes after reading this! The author does very kindly pop a recipe at the end of the story but with my past history of baking it wouldn’t be anywhere near as nice!

Baked With Love is a bitter sweet read that I devoured in one go. There’s just something about this authors writing skills that almost put you into a trance and I was quite happy to stay inside the book, losing myself into the story. Not sure if there will be any more books featuring all the characters but I sincerely hope so.

Baked With Love is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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