Witness The Dead by Craig Robertson @CraigRobertson @simonschusterE


Book Description:

Scotland 1972.Glasgow is haunted by a murderer nicknamed Red Silk – a feared serial killer who selects his victims in the city’s nightclubs. The case remains unsolved but Archibald Atto, later imprisoned for other murders, is thought to be Red Silk.

In modern-day GlasgowDS Rachel Narey is called to a gruesome crime scene at the city’s Necropolis. The body of a young woman lies stretched out over a tomb. Her body bears a three-letter message from her killer.

Now retired, former detective Danny Neilson spots a link between the new murder and those he investigated in 1972 – details that no copycat killer could have known about. But Atto is still behind bars. Determined finally to crack the case, Danny, along with his nephew, police photographer Tony Winter, pays Atto a visit. But they soon discover that they are going to need the combined efforts of police forces past and present to bring a twisted killer to justice.

My Thoughts:

Witness The Dead is the fourth book in the DS Rachel Narey and Tony Winter crime series. It reads well as a stand alone so no need to worry if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading the previous books first.

I really enjoyed the story line in this book. Flicking between past and present with murders that are seemingly linked. We also have the evil Atto who seriously makes a chilling killer.

Danny Neilson was a character that I really enjoyed in the story. Never having forgotten about the series of murders and wanting to do the best for the victims families, he does everything in his power to resolve it all. I loved that he is now a taxi driver, ensuring that people, especially the more vulnerable on a night out, get home safely. He also has some personal issues going on of which I was interested in finding out more.

This is certainly a story with an outcome I didn’t expect. The author takes his readers on a dark and gritty journey without letting on where he is taking us, making it a thrilling and surprising read.

Witness The Dead will have you hooked from the off. It is dark and twisted with a gritty edge to it. Another edge of your seat read in this thrilling Scottish crime series. If you haven’t read in the series yet, then I highly recommend them.

Witness The Dead is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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