Into The Darkness by Sibel Hodge @sibelhodge


Book Description:

The Missing…

In a hidden basement, eighteen-year-old Toni is held captive and no one can hear her screams. She’s been abducted after investigating unspeakable things in the darkest corners of the Internet.

The Vigilante…

Fearing the worst, Toni’s mother turns to ex-SAS operative Mitchell to help find her missing daughter. And when Mitchell discovers Toni’s fate rests in the hands of pure evil, he races against the clock to find Toni and bring her out alive. But even that might not be enough to save her.

The Detective…

DS Warren Carter is looking forward to a new job and a simpler life. But when he’s called in to investigate the brutal murder of a seemingly normal couple, he becomes entangled in lives that are anything but simple. And as he digs deeper, he uncovers a crime more twisted than he could ever have imagined.

Into the Darkness is the chilling new thriller from the bestselling author of Duplicity and Beneath the Surface.

My Thoughts:

Into The Darkness is a story told in the first person by the three main characters. I really enjoyed getting into the characters heads and seeing everything from their point of view. It made more of a connection as you could feel all the emotions.

Toni I have to say I loved her out look on what was going on. Even though she knows she doesn’t have long before something bad is going to happen, she tries her best to remain calm and think about ways of how she can get out of her situation. I don’t think many people going through what she was could do the same and my heart went out to her.

Mitchell and Carter are on the opposite sides of the law but are similar in so many ways. They were without a doubt my favourite characters in the book. I enjoyed seeing how they both want justice and what they are prepared to do to get it.

Into The Darkness is a dark and compelling read that I struggled to put down. I flew through it and read it in one evening as it had me hooked. I am a big fan of this authors books and yet again she delivers a great read that readers new and old are going to devour.

Into The Darkness is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

3 thoughts on “Into The Darkness by Sibel Hodge @sibelhodge”

  1. I am intrigued by this novel. But, I am claustrophobic amd I have kids…thus I don’t know if I will be able to read the whole story and survive it..:) I added this novel to my Book Bucket List…Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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