The Night She Died by Jenny Blackhurst @headlinepg @JennyBlackhurst


Book Description:

The addictive new psychological thriller from Jenny Blackhurst, the #1 eBook-bestselling author of HOW I LOST YOU. Full of dark drama and unexpected twists, this will suit fans of FRIEND REQUEST, CLOSE TO HOME, and THE GUILTY WIFE.

On her own wedding night, beautiful and complicated Evie White leaps off a cliff to her death.

What drove her to commit this terrible act? It’s left to her best friend and her husband to unravel the sinister mystery.

Following a twisted trail of clues leading to Evie’s darkest secrets, they begin to realize they never knew the real Evie at all…


My Thoughts:

Jenny Blackhurst has well and truly nailed it with her new psychological thriller The Night She Died. Absolutely brilliant!

The story mainly flicks between Evie in the past and events leading up to her death and Rebecca her best friend in the present. As soon as I read of a bride jumping to her death on her wedding day, well of course I had to know more and boy, the author not disappoint.

Evie I really took to early on in the book. To a certain extent she is a woman who has it all but as we get to know her better, we see her world slowly begin to unravel. I could only imagine how hard it must be for Rebecca to lose her best friend. Being best friends though, it is obvious that she knows a little bit more than everyone else and I couldn’t wait to find out just what that was.

This is such a tense read. I felt like I was on edge all the way through it. I just had this sense that the story was building up to something that would more than likely rock me. I wanted to race through the pages yet devour them at the same time in case I missed any clues. As usual I was not prepared for the shocks and twists that came. It just took the whole story to a new level for me and one that I didn’t want to come down from.

The Night She Died is a breath taking story that really did leave me breathless. I felt like I had been holding my breath for so long until the revelations started coming. I was so absorbed in the story that I think even if there was chaos going on around me I wouldn’t have taken any notice as I had to reach the end of this book no matter what. The author is someone I can rely on in delivering an ending that sends the readers heart racing and very much leaves a lasting impression. Another great read and an absolute must for lovers of psychological thrillers.

My thanks to Headline and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

The Night She Died is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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