In The Silence by M.R. Mackenzie @Bloodhoundbook @landofwhimsy


Book Description:

Anna hasn’t set foot in Glasgow for ten years. And for very good reasons…

Anna, a criminology lecturer, returns to Glasgow from Rome during the coldest winter in memory. While out with her best friend from school, Anna has a chance encounter with a former flame, Andrew. Tragedy strikes later that night when Anna discovers Andrew stabbed and dying on a blanket of snow.

Soon Anna finds herself at the centre of the investigation as the star witness for the police, and embarks on investigating the case herself. But Anna doesn’t realise the danger she is in and soon finds herself in trouble.

When another body shows up, who has links to the first victim, it appears that the motive may lie buried in the past.

As Anna gets closer to the truth, the killer starts closing in.

But can she solve the gruesome mystery before the killer strikes again?

My Thoughts:

In The Silence is the authors debut novel. As debut’s go I am pretty impressed.

I really got a sense of Glasgow and the cold weather that they are experiencing in the story. It is actually quite an atmospheric read making it even more chilling. If felt like I was seeing it all through Anna’s eyes which is down to the authors skillfull writing.

Even though it soon becomes apparent there is a link to the murders, just what the link is makes for some really intriguing reading. The police of course are all over it trying to solve it, their approach at times would really rile me up though. They come across quite aggressive, obviously we see a lot of this in the more harder hitting crime shows on television and I have to say it made it more daunting reading about it. It certainly makes you want to stay on the right side of the law!

In The Silence is a dark and chilling read of which makes for a very solid debut novel. The links to the murders when all becomes clear did not disappoint and made for some tense reading in parts. The pace certainly picks up towards the end and makes for some entertaining reading. Will be keeping an eye out for the authors future books.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

In The Silence is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).


Author Bio:

M. R. Mackenzie was born and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied at Glasgow University and has a PhD in Film Studies. In 2016, he contributed a chapter on the Italian giallo film to Cult Cinema: An Arrow Video Companion.

In addition to writing, he works as an independent Blu-ray/DVD producer and has overseen releases of films by a number of acclaimed directors, among them Dario Argento, Joe Dante and Seijun Suzuki.

When he’s not doing any of the above, he works in a library, which tests his sanity and keeps him in touch with the great unwashed.

In The Silence is his first novel.


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