The Hangman’s Hold by Michael Wood @KillerReads


Book Description:

Your life is in his hands.

In the gripping new serial killer thriller from Michael Wood, Matilda Darke faces a vicious killer pursuing his own brand of lethal justice. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons and Helen Fields.

There’s a killer in your house.
The Hangman waits in the darkness of your living room. As soon as you get home, he will kill you – hang you by the neck – and make you pay for all the crimes you have tried desperately to forget.

He knows your darkest secrets.
The police are running out of time. DCI Matilda Darke is facing her worst nightmare: a serial killer pursuing his own brand of lethal justice, whose campaign of violence is spreading fear throughout the city.

And he is closer than you think.
As the body count rises, Matilda is personally targeted and even her most trusted colleagues fall under suspicion. But can she keep those closest to her from harm? Or is it already too late?

My Thoughts:

The Hangman’s Hold is the fourth book in the DCI Matilda Darke series. What a series it is to. Whilst the author does give enough back ground, I would still insist that people read the others in the series as they really are at the top of their genre and I literally can not get enough of them.

As usual the author had me from the very first few pages. I was well and truly held prisoner not being able to go anywhere even if I wanted to as I was so enthralled by what I was reading. This has everything I would expect from a crime thriller and so much more.

The murders are horrific. Not that the author goes into any great detail, just the thought of what was happening had me putting my hands to my neck and sending shivers down my spine. Even though I was horrified at what was happening, obviously being a true crime junkie, I had to keep going absorbing every little detail, leaving me desperate for more.

I love Matilda and the relationship she has with her team and her good friend Adele. It makes the case that they are working on feel that bit more personal and you find yourself really caring for these characters.

The pace is just electrifying. You can feel the build of tension mounting throughout so much so that my heart was racing. This really is a spell binding read that I couldn’t get enough of having to shut out the real world so I could get to the end to see if Matilda and her team get their villain. This is pure adrenaline fuelled crime writing at it’s best.

The Hangman’s Hold has to be one of the most thrilling and gripping reads that I’ve read this year. An absolute nail biter of a read.

My thanks to NetGalley and Killer Reads for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

The Hangman’s Hold is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).


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