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Book Description:

When a chance meeting with a local publisher outside a small bookshop results in all three of her manuscripts being signed, Ruby Wright thinks she has it made. Already she sees images of herself wearing dark glasses, being mobbed by fans clamouring for her latest blockbuster…

Little does Ruby know, but her ditsy publisher is a charlatan who has no more idea about publishing than Ruby does. Pretty soon Ruby is broke.
She has no IT experience so depends heavily on her nerdy flatmate, Hunter, whenever her computer fails her. He has enough of his own issues to deal with—he is studying for his final law exams. She bribes him with a dog she found on the side of the road, then Panforte, which chips his tooth, and a couple of Axolotls until he finally gives in and helps her. But Ruby’s life is filled with disaster… 

What follows is excitement, disappointment, heartache, love and loss as we follow Ruby’s hilarious struggles to maintain her trust and focus in the ever-shifting publishing industry and in people in general.

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Guest Post:

We often think our life has its own way of cruising along on its own pathway and sometimes we just go along for the ride. Well, sometimes that same ‘life’ makes detours and unexpected stops. The trick is to never ever get off the journey. It was designed especially for you so my advice is to simply enjoy it.

You see this past decade or two I have become a rather sedentary person, a writer, of course, so I spent a lot of time sitting on my butt (I am fortunate it is still a small butt), but lately my life’s pathway has taken another turn. It’s called a new lease on life, by some. For me, the journey I was set on simply took another route.

From sitting and losing myself in dreams at my keyboard, I have done a full turn and am now a pretty active person. Not sporty. No, not not sporty but I do now own tramping boots, have a back pack and sleeping bag, and know how to keep on going through steep bush for 3 1/2 hours without letting up. I am fit! And the views from up there are breathtaking.

From accepting my ‘sedentary’ lifestyle, I have now fully grasped the concept of change, excitement and expectation. More subject matter to write about.

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Author bio:

Susan Tarr has been writing for 25 years, drawing on her international travels, work within the NZ tourism industry, and her work in various psychiatric hospitals within New Zealand.

She lived in Kenya, East Africa, for some years where she began her family.
Although she writes from personal experience, she also uses anecdotal information from conversations and other peoples’ stories, resulting in her characters taking on a life of their own and becoming larger than life. She enjoys a wide variety of personalities.

Susan says, “As I write their stories, my characters will often lead me to places I couldn’t imagine. So I relax and let them form as they will. I am passionate about my writing and I usually have three books on the go at any one time.”

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