Baby Please Don’t Go by Frank Freudberg


Book Description:

All Lock Gilkenney wants is a family.

But he’ll have to cross the line to get one.
Lock is a dedicated investigator at Child Protective Services. An anonymous report of neglect comes in. He responds and finds the kids in good health. Lock concludes the report was a ruse, possibly part of a scheme to make Natalie Mannheim, the kids’ mother, look bad in an upcoming divorce trial. 
Natalie needs Lock’s expertise to help her win custody—and a multi-million-dollar divorce settlement.
He realizes she doesn’t have a prayer in court against her shrewd husband, and only Lock can help her now. Lock knows all about addiction, and he’s aware of the powerful hold Natalie has on him. But he can’t get her out of his head. Lock is caught between his commitment to take the high road and his burning desire to have a family.
In this story of love, lust, deceit and murder, what Lock chooses to do will grab your imagination and never let go.

My Thoughts:

Lock is a genuinely nice guy. He is someone who is battling demons but all he wants out of life is the love of a good woman and children to call his own. By working in CPS, he can at least help children by trying to protect them from the ones they need protecting from. It certainly can’t be an easy job.

Abby is Lock’s boss and mentor. I thought he was a great character and definitely not one to be hood winked regardless of his age! He is very much Lock’s sense of reason and you can’t help but take to Abby’s character.

Natalie is a character who I grew to dislike immensely. All I can say is that being in love can definitely blind people. She certainly has the reader going through an array of emotions and none of them good.

Baby Please Don’t Go is a story all about choices. It is quite a dark and gloomy read as we see one man’s life spiral out of control. It made me angry as well as pitiful at what I was reading. Whilst a decent read, it did make me want to go and read something light hearted after finishing. An interesting introduction to the authors work of which I will check out more.

Baby Please Don’t Go is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).



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