The Jagged Line by Carolyn Mahony @Carolynmahony


Book Description:

It’s a dangerous world when you don’t know who to trust

Kirsty Cartwright is licking her wounds in France after a breakup with her fiancé and a massive fall-out with her father, Dominic. Then she hears that her father has been seriously injured in an accident. Forced to come home and face her demons, she soon begins to question whether there is more to his accident than meets the eye. Driven by the need to make amends, she resolves to unravel the truth – but the deeper she digs, the more her own life becomes embroiled in the dangerous forces she is unleashing. Things start to spiral out of control until her very survival is under threat. Can she even trust the ones she loves?
DS Harry Briscombe is facing a personal dilemma that threatens his career. Already immersed in a local murder investigation, Dominic Cartwright’s accident raises the unwelcome possibility that the two cases could be linked. 

Between the two of them, Harry and Kirsty get caught up in a trail that is increasingly perilous. It’s becoming a race against … and time is running out.
The Jagged Line is a book about family loyalties, and how far we’re prepared to compromise our principles for the ones we love.
Is loyalty but a step away from delusion? 
– Another gripping read from Carolyn Mahony that will have you hooked from page one.

My Thoughts:

The Jagged Line states on Amazon it’s book 3 but on the cover book 2 in the Harry Briscombe series. Not quite sure which it is but it is the second book in the series I have read and they both read well as stand alone’s.

There was a good balance of the case and Harry’s personal life which I liked. Harry has moved back in with his gran who is terminally ill. It makes you wonder how someone can concentrate on such a taxing case when a loved one is dying. The parts to do with Harry and his gran were really touching and he uses his job to escape from the reality that awaits him back home.

A lot of the story also focuses on Kirsty who has returned back home from France to find some rather concerning going on’s after she goes digging around after events from her dad’s death. I really liked Kirsty and you really end up routing for her and that she will get to the bottom of it though my heart was in my mouth more than a few times as she gets further to the truth.

The Jagged Line is a story that picks up pace throughout as we get closer to the conclusion. There were a couple of nice surprises in there that ensured you kept turning those pages and made it a compelling read. Another entertaining read in the series.

The Jagged Line is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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