The Doll Collector by Joanna Stephen-Ward @OperaLover12 @Bloodhoundbook


Book Description:

A couple and their young son burn to death in a house fire.

A girl dies from a nut allergy.

A woman falls under a train during the rush hour.

An accountant falls down the steps to his basement.

Their deaths appear to be accidents but Gloria knows they were murdered because she murdered them. And every time Gloria kills she buys a doll.

But how many dolls will she need to keep her satisfied?

When Gloria takes a room as a lodger her behaviour starts to spin out of control. Gloria wants love and happiness and friendship and she will do anything she can to get what she wants…

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved the sound of this book. Who doesn’t love a female serial killer? Especially one who by the sounds, is an extremely twisted one.

Having read and loved Sweetpea by C.J. Skuse, another book with a female serial killer, I was kind of expecting to like Gloria. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Gloria is just a horrible person. There were only very brief moments where I kind of felt sorry for her, with how other people perceived her, but to be fair, she brings a lot of bad feeling on to herself. She will do whatever she needs to, to get what she wants and she doesn’t let anyone stand in her way.

Maurice is the poor undeserving soul who ends up with Gloria as a lodger. To start with, he thinks he has fallen lucky having her stay there but it doesn’t take long for Gloria to get her feet well and truly under the table and make it known who is boss. Maurice is someone who I was really routing for. You can’t help but like him and it made my dislike for Gloria grow even stronger.

Thanks to Gloria, it makes this a page turner of a read. She is one absolute psycho and even though I thoroughly disliked her, I had to keep on reading to see what she was going to do next. Lets say she doesn’t disappoint, shock maybe but never disappoints.

The Doll Collector is a dark and engrossing read. I was really intrigued to see where the author was going to go with the story and I have to say my heart was in my mouth, many a time, as to who she was going to bump off next. Gripping from the off, this is one not to be missed. Very entertaining.

The Doll Collector is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link)

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