From The Dark by KA Richardson @Bloodhoundbook @KerryAnn77


Book Description:

Antonia Baillie is a true Romani gypsy – she has the gift of foresight and uses this to help people.

When the ghosts of the past come calling, can she put her own fears aside and work with the police to help find out who is torturing and killing young men?

Detective Sergeant Mark McKay has never had a need to solve a case using a psychic. He doesn’t believe in it – pure and simple. But when Antonia tells him the name of a young man and gives him details specific to the case, he can’t help but change his view. Especially when a body matching what she described is found in the vaults deep under the city.

Mark and Antonia race against a spree of monstrous crimes, long-standing grudges and the perils of the darkness in the vaults beneath Edinburgh to try and find a sadistic killer before time runs out.

Can they stop him before he strikes again?

Will they discover who is responsible?

And can they do it without becoming victims themselves?

My Thoughts:

From The Dark is the fifth book in the Forensic Files series, fear not if you haven’t read any of the others as this does read as a stand alone.

The setting couldn’t be anymore perfect for this story line. I love Edinburgh and used to go often as a child shopping and sight seeing. In fact I actually went a few years back with a friend for my birthday and we did the ghost tours which takes you underneath this beautiful city, showing you a very dark side. You don’t need to have been though to really get a sense of what it is like in the vaults as the author describes it perfectly.

I loved Toni (Antonio). From a Romany background, Toni faces enough prejudices, she also has a psychic ability of which obviously plenty of people have opinions on that matter also. You can feel a connection between her and Mark right from the start which makes this book in parts, even more nail biting.

The author has excelled herself with how dark and disturbing a read this is. It was really quite chilling and I wanted the culprit brought to justice just as much as the police did. Some parts gave me goosebumps and sent shivers down my spine which surely has to be a sign of a great writer.

From The Dark is an edge of your sit read that will send your heart racing. I could really feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins as Mark and the team get closer to catching the killer. We also have Toni’s background coming back to haunt her which adds to the build up of tension. A truly gripping read that will chill you to the core.

From The Dark is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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