The Funeral by Desmond P. Ryan @RealDesmondRyan

Book Description:

“Amore mio, Mikey,” Julia whispered. “He’s dead.” A cop is shot. A mother loses her son. A city is in mourning.What does that look like from the inside?The Funeral, a stand-alone novella or the epilogue to 10-33 Assist PC, brings us into the intimate world of those most closely affected in the days following the loss of one of their own. Written by a Real Detective, The Funeral walks us through to the end of watch in this poignant finale to a heroic life cut short in the line of duty. Real Detective. Real Crime. Fiction.

My Thoughts:

Firstly I would highly recommend reading 10-33 Assist PC by the author before reading this one. Infact I would say it’s crucial. To read this one would definitely be a massive spoiler.

This is only a short story and basically follows on with how things end in 10-33 Assist PC. If you have ever wondered just what happens at police officers funeral, then you will not want to miss this. 

It’s pretty hard to actually say too much about this story without giving spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the first book. It does make for some emotional reading though and my heart broke for the officers mum. Definitely agree with the saying that no parent should ever have to bury their child. 

We only get a brief glimpse of Mike in this book, with the author concentrating on getting across to the reader just what goes on with getting everyone up to speed with what they need to do and getting everything in place. The press are their usual selves, trying to get some sort of scoop from events that led to an officer being down. I have to say I loved Mike’s mum in this and couldn’t help gloat at one part where she gives a journalist a proper stripping down in public. 

The Funeral is a short, informative and emotional read that had me hooked through out.  A good addition  to the series and am glad that the author dedicated a book solely to the funeral and not brush over it which is usually the case in so many crime books. 

The Funeral is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link). 

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