The Girl Who Threw Rocks At The Devil by Amy Cross @AmyCrossBooks

Book Description:

“Please bury her. We cannot wait another night. Bury her so that this nightmare can finally end!”

When the body of a dead woman is brought to Hensham Abbey, Brother David Barnard agrees to provide a burial service. Even when he learns that the woman took her own life, he chooses to let her rest in sacred ground. Soon, however, he learns that the woman’s family have not been entirely honest about her death.

In a world gripped by fears of an impending apocalypse, Brother Barnard begins to fear that he has made a terrible mistake. The dead woman’s grave is quickly torn open, and strange noises begin to plague the abbey. A witch-hunter is in the area, searching for a woman of great evil. By the time he realizes the truth, however, Brother Barnard might be powerless in the face of a terrible power.

The Girl Who Threw Rocks at the Devil is a horror story about a man who comes face to face with pure evil, about a woman who struggles to contain her demons, and about a little girl who once made a terrible mistake.

My Thoughts:

Set in the 1700’s, you really get a sense of the era throughout the novel. None of the conveniences we have now a days that’s for sure. Having the story start off in the Abby I thought was a great touch also. It just gives the reader a taste of what else they can look forward to throughout the story.

Brother Barnard is a man with strong belief’s in his faith. It was good at times to see that he wasn’t that hardened like some of his fellow brothers, which sadly starts off a chain of dramatic events.

You really get a sense of foreboding throughout this book. You can tell something bad is coming but just quite not what is coming or when. It makes for quite a tense read at times waiting for it to jump out at you.

The Girl Who Threw Rocks At The Devil is definitely best enjoyed, if like me you read on a kindle, on a night time with the lights out. It really adds to the whole suspense and atmosphere of the story. There were a couple of unexpected twists which I definitely did not see coming which made this an even more enjoyable read as well as a rather gruesome one in parts and scary. Definitely one for the horror readers.

The Girl Who Threw Rocks At The Devil is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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