A Spa In Switzerland by Melinda Huber @LindaHuber19

Book Description:

Stacy is ready to work hard in Switzerland, but nothing about her new job at the Lakeside Hotel is easy. 
Some people are hostile, and there’s the language problem, too – Stacy’s sense of humour is tested every day. When her friend Emily visits, they take a trip to the Ticino, but the snow comes on the way home, and a terrible accident changes everything.
Left in charge of renovating Lakeside, Stacy soldiers on, hoping that the most important person in her brave new life will soon be back…

My Thoughts:

A Spa In Switzerland is the second book in the Lakeside Series. It actually does read quite well as a stand alone as the author gives enough back ground but would advise reading the first one to get a real sense of the amazing setting and characters.

I fell head over heels for the fabulous setting in this series and was so glad to be back with Stacy and Rico and seeing how things were coming on with the Lakeside hotel. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

It was interesting to see Stacy adjusting to her new life and job at the hotel. It certainly doesn’t come without it’s teething issues. I also enjoyed seeing the friendship grow between her and Rico and the author did have been wondering just how things were going to progress with these two.

A Spa In Switzerland is a wonderful return to a setting and characters that stole my heart in the first book. Another engaging read that I thoroughly enjoyed and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

A Spa In Switzerland is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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