No Place Like Home by Maxine Morrey @Scribbler_Maxi @HQDigitalUK

Book Description:

Two hearts. One home?

Ellie Laing has a very good reason to want to stay single: her last relationship put her in danger. And she’s worried that while the physical scars will heal, the emotional ones never can. So, travelling to Kansas for her best friend Sandy’s wedding, Ellie’s in need of some time alone. And Sandy’s brother Ben’s rural and idyllic ranch seems like the perfect place for it.
Ben comes with his own baggage – a failed marriage in his past, and a big question mark over his future – and he knows the feelings he had for Ellie belong firmly in the history books. But, sitting on his porch with her, he’s never felt more at home.
Both of them swore they were better off alone… yet is it possible that two broken hearts could come together to heal?

My Thoughts:

The opening to this story really grabbed me and made for some uncomfortable reading. When Ellie goes back to Kansas for some much needed recuperation staying at her best friend Sandy’s house, the story starts to become a lot more comfortable. In fact I got a whole lot wrapped up in Ellie’s life and the blossoming relationship between her and Ben.

Ben I loved. I liked the fact that even though he is part of a famous country band, the author doesn’t really delve into that side of things, concentrating more on the relationship and home life. It really makes for some wholesome reading as I enjoyed Ben and Sandy’s family as it was so inviting.

I loved the setting in Kansas, especially Ben’s home which I could easily visualise. The author certainly managed to transport me there as if I was experiencing and seeing everything that Ellie was. If anything I didn’t want to leave. Was more than happy to stay there.

No Place Like Home, whilst not my usual genre of book, was a much welcomed change that I enjoyed very much. It was also a good introduction to a new author to me. I liked the blend of friendship and romance and the ending left me with a warm glow which is always a great feeling to come away with. Look forward to reading more by the author.

No Place Like Home is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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