The Nudge Man by Keith Nixon @knntom

Book Description:

A washed up reporter, an escaped convict, a sociopathic gangster. All are hunting the Nudge Man…

Wheelchair bound, born again, ex-gangster, Eric Hennessey offers down on his luck reporter, Harrison Vaughan, a job. Track down the Nudge Man, a mysterious vigilante who’s stolen most of Hennessey’s money, ill-gotten gains which now Hennessey wants to use to do God’s work. Trouble is, Harry has no desire to work for a sociopathic murderer, even if he is an apparently changed man.

Harry is estranged from his family since a fabricated scandal destroyed his career. Hennessey tells Vaughan it was the Nudge Man who set him up for the fall. Find The Nudge Man and Harry has the chance for redemption and maybe even his family back.

However, Hennessey has another objective in mind. Unknown to Harry his family were taken into witness protection and had to cut ties with everyone after Harry’s son saw a murder – carried out by Eric Hennessey. Hennessey has been looking for them ever since and now may have a way in – Harry himself.

And others are on the trail of the Nudge Man, including the British government and an American secret service agent. Then there’s the lawyer who offers Harry £1m to stay away from The Nudge Man.

With more questions than answers and hapless guard dog Bonzo, whose bark is definitely worse than his bite, at his side Harry begins his search.

Can Harry find the Nudge Man and save his family? Or will Hennessey exact his revenge?

Set in the once grand town of Margate in the south of England, the now broken and depressed seaside resort becomes its own character in this detective thriller, perfect for fans of Carl Hiaasen.

The Nudge Man is the first book in the series featuring Harrison Vaughan. Buy it now to discover whether Harry can find the Nudge Man in this tense crime thriller series.

My Thoughts:

From the opening scenes, I knew I was going to hit it straight off with Harry. There is a certain amount of humour through out the novel which I really enjoyed. It makes Harry that bit more endearing and don’t even get me started on his dog Bonzo! Let’s just say I loved the dog and the relationship that him and his owner, Harry, have.

We get to visit a few different areas in England which I really enjoyed. The author really gets across the settings of where he takes us to in the story. This is an author who has done his homework, making the story come to life, visually and realistically.

I love the concept of the Nudge Man. It had me intrigued to find out who is behind the name. They certainly have a lot to answer for and my heart went out to Harry with all that he has lost due to this person as well as how it has affected his whole life. What’s more worrying, is just how many other people are after him.

The Nudge Man is a gripping, gritty and highly enjoyable story. There is so much to like about this crime novel. For one it is the first in a series, so I know I have hopefully lots more to look forward to. It has a rugged and lovable protagonist who has a dog as his side kick. It certainly ticked all my boxes and can’t wait to read more.

The Nudge Man is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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