We’ll Meet Again by Cathy Bramley @CathyBramley @orionbooks

Book Description:

Enjoy this sweet and hopeful short story from bestseller Cathy Bramley!

For nurse Jenny Hallam, there’s no such thing as a quiet day (or night) at work. But even with WWII rumbling away, Jenny still has time, patience and kindness for everyone she treats, with plenty to spare for her two young children at home.

From his sickbed, handsome but shy Pilot Officer Will Rose has noticed Jenny’s gentle ways. When the two of them spark up a conversation, a friendship blossoms that brings out a new hope in them both.

Friendship is all their connection can be for now – but nothing stays the same in the war… What might happen if they were to meet again?

This is the perfect introduction Cathy Bramley’s stories or a lovely treat for longtime fans. Also includes a gorgeous taster of her upcoming novel, A Patchwork Family!

My Thoughts:

We’ll Meet Again is a short story introducing us to The Evergreens. The Evergreens is being used as a sort of hospice for soldiers who have been injured in the war. It was quite heartbreaking getting to know Will and what he had endured and what he is having to go through. My heart definitely went out to him.

We also meet Jenny who works at The Evergreens as a nurse but has the constant worry of her husband fighting in the war. A lovely friendship strikes up between the pair and I could easily have devoured more about them.

For such a short story the author really packs a punch with getting the reader to feel such emotion within such a short space of time. It’s certainly made me very eager to read A Patchwork Family now having read this.

We’ll Meet Again is a heartwarming story that you can easily devour whilst you put your feet up and have a short break. I enjoyed being transported back to life during world war two and it is a great reminder of what people went through as well as the hope and courage that they showed. A wonderful little read.

We’ll Meet Again is available from Amazon.

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