Deliver Us From Evil by Conrad Jones @ConradJones @Bloodhoundbook

Book Description:

The hunt is on and it’s never been so deadly…

Detective Braddick is summoned to a horrendous crime scene, where it appears a double murder has taken place. The victims’ bodies are missing and the police have no clue as to their identities or who killed them.

As the investigation snowballs, the potential body count rises and the Major Investigation Team have little to go on until DNA evidence is examined.

There appears to be no motive for the dreadful murders until an ancient script is found daubed on the walls of a nearby property.

As the clues are unravelled, Braddick and his team realise they are dealing with something they have never faced before. Because this time they’re tracking evil itself…


Deliver us from Evil is a fast-paced crime thriller full of breathless action. It can be read as book 4 in the international bestselling DI Braddick series or as a truly unmissable stand-alone thriller. It will appeal to fans of authors like Charlie Gallagher, Angela Marsons and Rob Ashman.

My Thoughts:

I am a huge fan of the Braddick series so I couldn’t wait to read the next instalment to see what was next for Braddick and his team. As always the author does not disappoint!

From the opening of this story, I knew this was going to be darker than the previous novels. Especially as the body count mounts up and the way that the victims are killed, well it’s something that I won’t forget in a hurry. Word of warning, you may not want to eat whilst reading this book as it is pretty gruesome in parts but boy did i love it!

Braddick and his team are really up against it this time and have to say that without a doubt that this is their toughest case to date. There are a fair few surprises in the story and none of them pleasant. It certainly didn’t go in the direction I had envisioned and it ended up being a lot more of a chilling read that did get me a bit emotional at the end.

Deliver Us From Evil is a dark, sinister and gripping read. There is an added creepiness to it due to the story line. It made me want to read with the lights on so I didn’t feel as vulnerable. I loved that through the authors writing, I got so caught up in what was happening and felt as scared and the fear as some of the characters did. Definitely wasn’t expecting how it all ends which left me with a mix of emotions but as always, another brilliant and compelling read.

Deliver Us From Evil is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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