Overdue Justice by M. A. Comley @Melcom1

Book Description:

From NY Times bestselling author M A Comley comes the final Justice book. With over two and a half million copies sold worldwide this is a must read series. 

Time is supposed to be a great healer…
However, sometimes to heal isn’t enough.

Back on duty for her final case, DI Lorne Warner and her team are assigned one of their most gruesome cases to date when a man is found murdered in his home. 

The brutal nature of the crime makes Lorne suspect a woman is behind the murder.

But why?

What could her motive be?

With less than two weeks to go before Lorne retires, can she solve not one gruesome murder but a number of them?

Could there possibly be a female serial killer on the loose or something far more sinister afoot? 

Grab this fast-paced thriller today and prepare to be riveted to the edge of your seat.

My Thoughts:

As with all good things, they usually have to come to an end and sadly it’s that time for Lorne. This has been a great series of books where the author has never failed to grab my interest. I feel like I have been on such a roller coaster of a ride with Lorne and her team and I enjoyed every page of it.

I was eager to see what Lorne’s last case would be and the author has written a story line that was both chilling, yet heart breaking. As the bodies mount up, Lorne and her team close in on the killer and for once this was one where I wasn’t sure if I wanted justice to be served.

I always enjoy when an author can mess with your head and creates at times a thought provoking read that has you questioning what really is right and wrong. This author is a dab hand at that.

Overdue Justice is a great ending to what has been an epic crime series. It is very sad that there won’t be anymore but hats off to the author, as must be a hard decision in knowing when to stop a series and for me it has finished on a high. The author has certainly done justice for both the reader and the series and I envy all new readers to what has been a brilliant and exciting one.

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Overdue Justice is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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