Cover Reveal: Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza @TheCrimeVault @RobertBryndza

Am so excited to be able to share with you all the amazing new cover for Robert Bryndza’s new novel, NINE ELMS! Exciting stuff eh? Nine Elms will be available for Kindle on the 1st of November and paperback on the 9th of January. First of all, here’s a bit more about it:

Robert Bryndza is ready to take the world by bestselling storm again with the introduction of Kate Marshall, a woman with a dark secret and a powerful sense of justice.

Sixteen years ago, Kate Marshall was a rising star in the London Metropolitan police force. Young, ambitious and driven, with a talent for getting into the minds of criminals, she solved several high-profile murder cases.

But when Kate was tasked with tracking down a vicious serial killer, even her instinct and ability to immerse herself in violent worlds couldn’t help her find him – until he found her.

Now, years after her narrow escape, Kate lives a quiet life on the English coast, though her years with the police are still with her. And when one day she receives a letter from someone in her past, she is pulled back into the twisted mind of a murderer she knows only too well – and into a case only she can solve.



Now how BRILLIANT does that sound??? Oh my goodness, I don’t know about you but I literally can not wait! Anyway here is what you have been waiting for, the amazing cover and how fantastic does it look?



Twitter – @RobertBryndza

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bryndzarobert/

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