Hitman Sam by Morgen Bailey @morgenwriteruk

Book Description:

Having been made redundant as a photocopier software designer, Sam Simpson is lured by a cryptic advert. As he learns it is for a trainee hitman, will he be tough enough to see the job through? Even James Bond had to start somewhere and Sam, as his alias Josh Bradley, looks forward to enjoying James’ lifestyle, although soon embroiled in a love triangle, Sam hadn’t expected things to get so complicated so quickly.

My Thoughts:

On meeting Sam, I couldn’t help but like him immediately. He can be a bit dim but you can tell he is a genuine guy whose luck has been a bit down but all that seems to be changing. Not only is he now looking at a career as a hitman, his luck with the ladies seems to be changing also.

There is an underlying dark humor throughout which I really enjoyed. In fact there is a lot to enjoy. I liked the characters as well as Hamish the dog that Sam ends up looking after for one of his neighbour’s. Whilst it may be classed as a lad lit novella, it certainly appealed to me and now having read what could possibly be my first book in this genre, I would certainly read more.

Hitman Sam has a protagonist that the reader can’t help put get behind. Whilst I obviously don’t condone killing people, the story focuses more on Sam whilst training to the build up for his first kill and his stop, start friendship with Emma who works in the video shop. A story I enjoyed way more than I expected in a genre new to me. Was actually quite sad to get to the end as could easily have devoured more of Sam and his day to day life. Great read and would definitely recommend if you are looking for something light hearted and entertaining.

Hitman Sam is available to purchase from Amazon.

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