The Mother’s Lies by Joanne Sefton @AvonBooksUK @Joanne_Sefton

Book Description:

If they knew the truth, there’d be no going back . . .

Nobody in Barbara Marsden’s family knows about her past, least of all her daughter Helen. But someone wants the truth to come out.

When Helen discovers a sinister note at Barbara’s house, she can’t understand who would want to threaten her mother. She’s determined to find out who sent it, but soon realises her search might hurt her own family and put Barbara at risk…

What really happened all those years ago? And who is going to end up paying the price?

A gripping family drama of love and betrayal, perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Kerry Fisher and Adele Parks.

My Thoughts:

The story alternates between a few of the characters as well as past and present. It would have been good to have had some sort of header as to whether it was past or present as it did throw me a couple of times and had to go back and re read when I realised we were back in the past. Saying that though it didn’t take me to long to settle into the story.

Helen I felt sorry for. Her husband has just left her and she receives some bad news about her mum. On returning to the family home she then makes the shocking discovery of some sinister notes addressed to her mum. Asking her mum about them doesn’t seem to shed anymore light onto it.

It’s obvious that Barbara is hiding something from her past. Like her daughter, I wanted to find out more. This is one of those stories where the author gives nothing away before she is ready to and feeds us little snippets along the way which makes putting this book down quite hard as the more I discovered, the more I had to read on until everything is revealed.

The Mother’s Lies makes you question just how well you truly know your parents. Who doesn’t love a story packed full of secrets and lies? I know I sure do. This one certainly makes for a compelling one and kept me hooked throughout.

The Mother’s Lies is available to purchase from Amazon.

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