Penshaw by LJ Ross @LJRoss_author

Book Description:


When you sell your soul, the devil gives no refunds…

When an old man is burned alive in a sleepy ex-mining village, Detective Chief Inspector Ryan is called in to investigate. He soon discovers that, beneath the facade of a close-knit community, the burn from decades-old betrayal still smoulders. When everyone had a motive, can he unravel the secrets of the past before the killer strikes again?

Meanwhile, back at Northumbria CID, trouble is brewing with rumours of a mole in Ryan’s department. With everyone under suspicion, can he count on anybody but himself?

Murder and mystery are peppered with romance and humour in this fast-paced crime whodunnit set amidst the spectacular Northumbrian landscape.

My Thoughts:

Penshaw is the 13th book in the DCI Ryan Mystery series. To get full enjoyment from this book I would recommend that you read The Moor which is the book prior to this one, as there are a lot of references to events that happened in the previous novel.

It’s quite hard to know what to say in my review for this book as I don’t want to give to much away in the previous book as well as this one. It was great to see one particular character in this book who I loved from the previous one as I was very invested in their story and whilst they don’t appear much in it, it was still great to catch up with them as it were.

The story line set in the ex mining village and with glimpses of what life was like during the strike really made an impression on me. Whilst I was still a child myself when it happened, I can still remember watching the news of the strikes and also the impact it had on people. My dad worked in the mining industry and whilst not a miner himself, very much affected him and the company he worked for.

There are a few threads in the story, the main ones being to do with the murders that are occurring as well as the story line to do with Jack, a detective on the force. By heck it makes for some compelling reading and I was glued to the pages.

Penshaw has it all. It is jammed full of murder, mystery and mayhem that punches you in the gut yet pulls on your emotional heart strings. I couldn’t absorb the words in front of me fast enough as the pace picks up and everything comes to a climax and what a climax it was. LJ Ross has delivered another spell binding read that delivers on all counts.

Penshaw is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

2 thoughts on “Penshaw by LJ Ross @LJRoss_author”

  1. I have just completed LJ Ross’s “Penshaw” and was thoroughly absorbed. Another great story that had a bit of everything we’ve come to enjoy about DCI Ryan and his team. The only disappointment being when I finished this edition and now have to wait for #14 in the series to become available. at the end of the year. Anyone who enjoys a crime thriller would be captivated by this 14 book series.

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